Introducing E-learning: Concepts, Tools and Technologies

This workshop aims to define the e-learning concept in general . Also, e-learning tools and common applications will be explored through out the workshop. The concepts will be provided through activities and discussions. In addition, there will be direct hands on experience on some tools.
This is a pre-seminar workshop. Separate Registration is required through the seminar web site.

Workshop Trainer:
Ms. Manal AL-Dahsh
Trainer assistances:
  • Monerah AL-Khalaf
  • Hosah AL-Saleh
  • Maha AL-Sofyanee
Workshop Time:
Monday 12-5-1429 – 26-5-2008 Time: 08:30 AM to 04:00 PM
Target Group:
University Faculty members, lecturers, and teaching assistants with little or no experience with e-learning. (maximums number is 20)
Required Skills:

Familiarity of using the internet and Basic computer skills. Having advanced computer skills is not required to join the course.

Goals :
After attending this workshop, the trainee will be able to:
  1. Know what is e-learning .
  2. Recognize the different types of e-learning.
  3. Recognize the main tools and terminologies related to e-learning:
    • Learning Management Systems.
    • Learning Content Management Systems.
    • Instructional Design.
    • Courseware.
    • Learning Objects.
    • Authoring tools.
    • Learning Activities Management Systems.
  4. Recognize "Jusur" system as an example of learning management systems and know the basic features.
  5. Hands on experience on "Jusur" system through useing some of its tools as a student: "handing assignments, taking Tests and participating in forums".
  6. Recognize most famous "Social Networking" services on the web that are related to e-learning.
  7. Implement on one of the social networking services as an example.
Participants are required to bring their own lap tops.





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